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There’s a new YA novel set in post-earthquake Haiti. So exciting! There’s now enough post-earthquake Haitian literature for a whole college course! I was so honored to be able to review this book for the New York Times! ‘HOLD TIGHT, … Continue reading

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I was watching Globe Trekkers on PBS and the host was in a small village somewhere in Senegal where a group of young boys and girls were participating in a rites-of-passage dance and celebration. They were dressed in colorful beads … Continue reading

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My daughter turns 8 today and she loves to read. I’d be remiss if I didn’t steer her towards the books that place the image of a “chocolaty” (her word), urban girl front and center of its story. Within the … Continue reading

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…by writers of African descent. I’m always looking for more titles to offer to my students. Many of them love to read so I’d like to steer them towards more age appropriate & cultural specific titles. They’d certainly read them … Continue reading

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