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Beasts of the Southern Wild has been the only movie to make me wail like a newborn.  This was not a sad, defeated wail.  It was a cry of pure joy.  I loved this movie and I care deeply about … Continue reading

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Humor me, please.  Here I will list my fears of the “Dark Island” (a play on the infamous “Dark Continent” references that were so prevalent in American literature & film).  And humor is the best way to deal with what … Continue reading

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So I’ve been married for 11 years. We are happy. We are safe. Our children laugh often. We laugh sometimes, when we get a moment to ourselves. Yes, we’re what’s considered heteronormal, at least from the outside looking in. But … Continue reading

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My first online story was up in the September “Villians” Issue of Crossed Genres Magazine. Here’s an excerpt: The pang of hunger is bitter, sharp, hot – familiar even. I don’t sleep. My feet and right hip ache from carrying … Continue reading

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On the surface, I’ve not given much thought to Rihanna’s “Man Down” and Beyonce’s Global Girl Power crusade. But as I gear up to start another summer of the Daughters of Anacaona Writing Project, I better spruce up on my … Continue reading

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