American Street Blurb #3

I’m taking great care in revealing these blurbs one by one because each author has made room in their busy schedules to read, examine, and comment on this story. Their work touches on the themes or aesthetics in my own work, and I want to take a moment to explore those.

Laura Ruby’s Bone Gap blew me away! I’m a deep lover of mythology and peeling away at quiet, subtle magic in the most fractured corners of our world. This is where the very bones of human suffering, and joy, and love exist. While Bone Gap is a nod to the Greek Persephone and Demeter story, American Street is a very slight nod to what I think is the greatest mythological love story ever (hint, hint: It’s Egyptian). I also delve into the Vodou pantheon, and my beloved Papa Legba plays a huge role. Tiny bit of spoilers here, but there’s so much more!

(Again, the background image is a small slice of the full cover. Yes, lots of color! And chaos.)

Thank you to Laura Ruby for this tip of the hat to my dear Papa Legba.

“Ibi Zoboi brings us a Detroit rarely seen: full of wandering spirits, suffused with magic and mystery.  At once the story of one determined girl and a family at the crossroads as well as a powerful page-turner, American Street will leave the scent of Papa Legba’s cigar in the air and its mark on your heart.”

-LAURA RUBY, Author of Bone Gap, National Book Award Finalist, and Michael L. Printz Award Winner


American Street

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