for the mothers. and the holes they must fill. 
The breath, the sweat
the in, the out
the rhythm
the push, the pull
the force, the life
the egg so round
the pulsing
the heat
the rising like air
the pounding, the pounding
the rhythm
the pain
the scream
the push, the pull
the cries so sweet
the life so warm
the body so small
the nestling in arms
the suckling on breasts
the life, the life
the rhythm, the rhythm
the changing
the feeding
the loving
the cooing
the kissing
the snuggling
the life, the life
the breath so new
the stumpy legs
the tiny feet
the world so wide
the very first steps
the school
the words
the songs
the alphabet
the teachers like them
the students like us
the tests
the homework
the stepping-ups
the laughter
the play
the smiles
the sunshine
the snow
the darkness
the high-tides
the joyrides 
the fear
the calls
the prayers
the songs
the worry
the coughs
the sneezes
the bites
the bumps
the salves
the syrups
the soothings 
the fingers
the toes
the deepening voice
the uncles
the aunts
the grandfathers
the mothers
the blood
the ancestors
the africans
the humans
the mountains
the valleys
the rivers
the oceans
the moonlight
the sun
the stars
the stardust
the dust
the ashes
the powder
the gun
the bullets
the holes
the blood
the rhythm
the breath 
the beat
the silence
the light
the stream
the ladder
the clouds
the heavens


the Rhythm

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