The Farming of Gods

It’s my birthday today!  It’s also the late, great Octavia Butler’s birthday.  And the late, great Katherine Dunham’s birthday, too, who had a deep love of Haiti.   I really do believe in the secret languate of birthdays and astrology.  How the planets and starts are aligned on the day and time that we are born is part of our wiring. 

I’m under the astrological sign of Cancer and most June Cancers I know are either writers (YA writers, at that), poets, or storytellers and comedians.  There’s something about being on the cusp of Geminie (Mercury, the planet of communication) and Cancer (the moon, mothering and emotions) that gives us a love for words and deep longer to convey our feelings.  Meryl Streep was born today, too. 

We are not distinct and separate entities from the surrounding universe.  We all know this.  So, to celebrate the alignment of planets, the sparkling of stars, the circling of the universe, I put out a story on Kindle.  This was the third story I wrote in 2010 after the earthquake in Haiti (“Goudougoudou”, we call it–the sound the earth made that day).  It’s science fiction. I worked on it for a long time.  It won me the Gulliver’s Travel Grant from the Speculative Literatue Foundation.  Sure, I’ve sent it out to publications.  I’ve been asked to revise, then, something didn’t click with the editor.  I worked on it some more, doubted it, put it away, re-read it, fell in love with it again, doubted it, put it away… and then it haunted me.  It had to be born and decided that today was a good day to be born. 

It’s out there. It’s accessible…for 99 cents.  If anyone is ever looking for Haitian sci-fi, Haiti in the future, dystopian Haiti, a hopeful Haiti, may the stars and planets align so they could be led to “The Farming of Gods”. 

Here’s the blurb: 

Decades after Haiti’s devastating earthquake, the precious land and its vital resources, the people and their ability to bear children, and their religion are all held within the hands of foreign scientists and doctors. A master Vodou drummer named Innocent and his wife struggle to find their place amongst the pantheon of cultivated Vodou loas to envision a mended future Haiti.

Innocent must navigate this new crossroad where science and technology and the power of ritual drumming and dancing converge, but an unrecognizable Papa Legba guards the gates.

 Here is the cover by Joseph Zoboi:

e-pub, Haiti, Joseph Zoboi, published, publishing, sci-fi/fantasy, short story

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  1. Amanda says:

    I love this short story! I’ve taught it in my course of Afrofuturism and am currently writing on it in a publication on gendered ecologies. Thanks so much for writing this story, Ibi, it’s both brilliant and haunting!

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