Brooklyn Arts Council Awards Ceremony

I was awarded another grant from the Brooklyn Arts Council for the Daughters of Anacaona Writing Project!  I’ll be conducting another series of creative writing workshops for middle and high school Haitian girls.  This is all part of my teaching artist work.  There aren’t enough free activities and programs for all the young people in this city and the local libraries are severly underutilized.  What this means?  WORK for the ARTISTS! Yay!!! Thank the goodness of rich folks for grants and foundations and sponsorships and scholarships and their love of arts and CULTURE (Grey Poupon voice).   

And my dear husband also received his first grant to launch the Rising Son Project–his idea plus my stupendous grant writing skills.  Our little hummingbird way of making small changes…

Awards Ceremony
With Haiti Cultural Exchange Executive Director, Regine Roumain
Awards, Daughters of Anacaona Writing Project, Haiti Cultural Exchange, Joseph Zoboi

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