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I adore this publication! Yep, the Caribbean has a whole different aesthetic when it comes to literature. Our history, folklore & mythology, landscape, and overall culture determines how our stories are told. Summer Edwards is the magazine’s creator and she’s been doing an excellent job in highlighting and showcasing Caribbean children’s writers and illustrators from around the world. Summer once created a list of nearly 100 hundred titles of books in English aimed at Haitian children!

So, *ahem*, it is an honor that both my daughter, 8 year-old Abadai Zoboi, are published side-by-side in this issue of Anansesem. Abadai wrote “The Magic Rock”, and I wrote “The Little Golden Stone Man.”

Neither of us knew that we’d each be writing about magical stones in Haiti. A child after my own heart!

Here are some excerpts:

The Magic Rock by Abadai Zoboi (age 8)

Once upon a time, there was a girl who lived in Mon Petit Village, a village in Haiti. Her name was Belle. Her name means “lovely” in Creole. Belle was just quiet and loved beautiful things in nature. Belle would always lie down in the water and just relax since she lived in a condo on Mon Petit Beach. She was 8 years old.

One day, Belle was watching TV in her room when a news report interrupted her show. The weatherman said, “We have some breaking news folks, an earthquake will hit the town! Get as much protection as possible!”

You can read the rest here.

Here’s an excerpt of my story:



It was on the sixth day of each week that Manoucheka was to place a small bundle of cloth atop her head beneath which she would gently balance a plastic bucket for her hour long journey to the river. Her little brother, Gogo, would walk by her side only pushing a bicycle wheel with a long wooden stick down the rocky roads.

Manoucheka would kiss her teeth each time she’d watch her little brother play while the day’s chores washing clothes by the river, fetching water, pounding maize, and feeding the chickens forced her to wake at dawn and only rest her aching feet when the sun slid down beneath the earth.

You can read the rest here.

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