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Launching Tomorrow (original post on 6/22/10)

I’m in Port-au-Prince now at the offices of FONDASYON FELICITE in the section of Tabarre in a quaint, gated village called Village Theodat. It’s my birthday and the 3volunteers here just surprised me with a song, champagne, and a home-cooked meal.

I’m now looking at a roster of 20 girls who have alredy registered! I’m still floored at the level of support this project is getting here in Haiti.

I was interviewed by Tele National D’Haiti (TNH), the national television station this morning. One of the FF volunteers really helped me out because my hack Kreyol was not working. Stanley Penn did a wonderful job of explaining to the reporter why this project is important for Haiti–he explained how Haiti does not have programs where a love of art and creative expression is not instilled in children early on. He mentioned French literature and how the love of the written word is cultivated there. He said how many people may have a lot to say, but are too scared or do not have the vocabulary to say what it is that they want to say–learning to write down one’s thoughts on a consistent basis can begin to open the doors of communication between people. Excellent!

Stay tuned…

Daughters of Anacaona Writing Project, Haiti

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